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Eas System at Mon - Nagaland, We are one of the leading company in the field of EAS Solutions in India. Indian Barcode Corporation provides a complete Retail Store Security Solutions

Eas System at Mon (Nagaland)

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EAS RF Labels

RF paper tags & labels with optimized circuit design are available in..
Square Hard Tag

The Magnetic Mini Square Tag is a versatile shoplifting deterrent for..
A.M Technology

AM Technology was founded in 2000. The company specializes in..
RF Technology

A radio frequency (RF) signal refers to a wireless electromagnetic..

Due to overwhelming requests from our customers, the Indian Barcode..
EAS Deactivator

The Sensormatic Zebra Handheld Deactivator is designed to attach to..
DO-0005 Detacher

Durable, easy-to-use detachers are available to remove most hard..
EAS T Hard Tags

Weber offers a complete line of automatic label applicators that can..
Round Hard Tags

X-50 Round hard tag with cap fitted steel  pin-Cream, detachable..
Pencil Tags

This Pencil hard tag protects everything from heavy denim to delicate..
Jewellery Tags

Jewellery-Labels: Jewellery Labels are mainly used by jewellers to..
Lanyard Wire

We can manufacture bespoke wire lanyards in a range of small diametre..
Optical Tag

Labels for eye-glasses are designed to fit on all major brands of..
Optical Tag Detacher

Indian Barcode Corporation uses piezoelectrics to generate sound in..
Acoustic Magnetic DR Labels

Applies qquickly in-store or at the source Small label footprint..
Acoustic Magnetic Pencil Tags

This Pencil hard tag protects everything from heavy denim to delicate..
AMS 1140 AM Antenna

Equipped with essential detection elements. The sleek modern design..
EAS RF Soft Tags

RF Self adhesive Soft Labels, frequency 8. 2 mhz, Roll form packing..
IBC MD 005 RF Hard Tag Detacher

We have carved a niche as one of the most promising manufacturing..
IBC RF06 RF Label Deactivator

Portable, pad type deactivator unit allows for extremely fast &..
Security Antenna IBC 02RF

Indian Barcode Corporation is highly reputed in providing..
Retail Store Security Antenna IBC 4RF

Retail security system by IBC brand is a security tags system for..
RF Re Usable Sqare Hard Tags

Small square RF hard tag with Steel pin lock, detachable with..