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P8000H Zero Tear Printronix Printer Line Matrix Printers, INDIAN BARCODE, Barcode printer,label Printer,barcode Labels, barcode Scanners, Thermal Ribbons Manufacturer & Supplier


The Printronix P8000HZT offerings are specialized cartridge line matrix printers designed for businesses using multi-part and serialized documents that require print on demand, single form tear-off usability. 

Technical Specification



Standard: USB 2.0 and Serial RS-232

Optional: Ethernet – 10/100 Base T

Parallel – IEEE-1284 Centronics

Character Pitch (characters per inch) 10, 12, 13.3, 15, 16.7, 17.1, 20

Line Spacing (lines per inch) 6, 8, 10.3, n/72, n/216

Graphics Resolution 180 dpi Horizontal, 144 dpi Vertical (max)

Dot Size 16.7 mil (.42mm)

Emulations Standard: LP+ (Printronix P-Series, P-Series XQ, Serial Matrix, IBM ProPrinter III XL, Epson FX-1050)

Optional: ANSI, IPDS, PCL 2, DEC LG, TN5250/TN3270, Graphics emulation PGL and VGL

Character Sets 99 plus character sets including ECMA Latin 1, DEC Multinational, IBM Code Page 437 and 850, OCR A, OCR B, UTF8 encoded Unicode

Character Styles Bold, italic, double wide, double high, overstrike, underline, subscript and superscript

Fonts NLQ Serif, NLQ Sans Serif, Data Processing, High Speed, OCR A, OCR B

Barcodes 30 resident symbologies, including Code 39, EAN 8/13, UPC A/E, Intelligent Mail, Postnet, Royal Mail, Interleaved 2 of 5, PDF 417, Data Matrix

Printer Software: Printronix PrintNet Enterprise remote management software, SAP device support

Printer Drivers Microsoft Window XP/Vista/2003/2008/7, Linux

Power Voltage AC input range 100-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ

Power Consumption (typical-maximum) P8005 / P8205 280 watts Max 320 watts

P8010 / P8210 300 watts Max 320 watts

Power Consumption (Power-Saver Mode) Less than 5 watts

Operating Temperature  Environmental Operating Temperature 50° to 104° F, 10° to 40° C

Paper Type Continuous, fan folded, edge-perforation

Print Width 13.6″ (345mm)

Media Copies Up to 6 part; up to 4 part for Zero Tear models

Media LENGTH 3” (76mm) to 12” (305mm)

Media THICKNESS MULTI-PART 0.025” (0.64mm) max

Media Width 3″ (76mm) to 17″ (432mm)

For Zero Tear models: 7.5” (191mm) to 12” (305mm) for up to 4 part carbon and 6 part carbonless

7.5” (191mm) to 16” (406mm) for up to 3 part carbon and 4 part carbonless

Media Weight Single Ply 15 lb. Bond to 100 lb. Tag (56 to 163 gm/M2)

For Zero Tear models:18 lb. Bond to 100 lb. Tag (67.7 to 163 gm/M2) for forms up to 12” (305mm) in width

20 lb. Bond to 100 lb. Tag (75.2 to 163gm/M2) for forms up to 16” (406mm) in width

MTBF 10,000 hours at 25% duty cycle and 25% page density


Standard Life Cartridge Ribbon: 17,000 pages

Extended Life Cartridge Ribbon: 30,000 pages (Only available for 1000-2000 lpm models)

Page yield based on ISO LSA Page, 8.5″ x 11″ letter-size, approximately 5% coverage


Height: 42.04” (1067.8 mm) with basket

42.04” (1067.8 mm) without basket

Width: 25.8″ (655.3 mm) with basket

25.8″ (655.3 mm) without basket

Depth: 31.9″ (810.2 mm) with basket

19.1” (485.1 mm) without basket

Printer Weight: 145 lbs (66 Kg) with basket

N/A – without basket

Shipping Printer Weight: 190 lbs (86 Kg) with basket

N/A – without basket

Acoustic Noise (dBA) per ISO 7779: P8005ZT: 70 P8010ZT: 70


The Printronix P8000HZTofferings are specialized cartridge line matrix printers designed for businesses using multi-part and serialized documents that require print on demand, single form tear-off usability. The Zero-Tear functionality allows users to eliminate forms waste and reduce operating costs. Through its unique tractor configuration, the ZT models push single or multi-part media through the hammer bank and eject it up to the tear bar upon job completion


Print speeds:


P8000H: 500 to 2,000 lines per minute

Flexible Design. Printronix modified its industry-leading line matrix technology to address evolving user requirements.


Sheet metal promotes increased durability and quieter acoustics

Adaptable Functionality. The P8000ZT/P8000HZT Cartridge series adapts to almost any supply-chain or back-office environment.


More models to fit your unique requirements including the enclosed pedestal, quiet cabinet and new tabletop model

USB 2.0 and Serial connectivity included as standard features. Parallel and Ethernet available as options.

PowerPrint™ delivers improved print clarity and print darkness on multi-part forms by increasing impact energy.  PowerPrint is a standard feature on P8000 printers with a 1,000 line-per- minute print speed.

Manageable Savings. The P8000ZT Cartridge is a smart purchase.


New backward-compatible cartridge ribbon reduces inventory management cost and eliminates ordering and installation confusion

New remote diagnostics let you monitor functionality anywhere

New energy efficiency technology lowers idle power consumption and boosts operating efficiency

P8000HZT Cartridge Series


High resolution capabilities that improve user experience with support of Asian fonts

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