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Citizen CD S500 asad, INDIAN BARCODE, Barcode printer,label Printer,barcode Labels, barcode Scanners, Thermal Ribbons Manufacturer & Supplier

Citizen CD S500

Brand: Citizen

Warranty: 1 year

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CD-S500 printers offer simple, cost-effective design in a tough, versatile package for producing colour or mono one, two or three multi-part receipts.  With our patented paper loading feature, a high speed bi-directional dot impact printhead capable of speeds of 6 lines/sec and innovative intelligent printhead control, the CD-S500 is a powerful solution for a wide range of hospitality and leisure applications.

  • Two-colour printing
  • Cutter version (CD-S501)
  • Selectable paper width

Technical Specification

Printing method Serial impact dot matrix
Printing direction Bi-directional
Font Font A: 7 × 9 dots, Font B: 9 × 9 dots
Head pins 9 pins (Φ: 0.3mm, Pin interval: 1/72 inch)
Print speed (*1) 5.0 lines/sec. (76.2mm with 40 columns)
5.4 lines/sec. (69.5mm with 36 columns)
6.0 lines/sec. (57.5mm with 30 columns)
Number of columns Paper width 76.2 mm, Font A 40/42 / Font B 33/35 columns
Paper width 69.5 mm: Font A 36/40 / Font B 30/32 columns
Paper width 57.5 mm:sFont A340332 / Font B253275 columns
Character type Alphanumeric, International, PC 43/ 85/852/857/858/ 86/ 86/ 86/8668 WPC125/kanakana2
Paper feed method Friction feed (Minimum pitch: 1/144 inch), paper feed speed: 40 Lines/sec. (6 LPI)I)
Paper (*2)Types 1Ply roll paper, 2P copy roll paper (1 original + 1 copy), *3P copy roll paper (1 original + 2 copies)
Width 76.2 / 69.5 / 57.5±0.5 mm
Diameter Φ30 mm to 83mm
Core diameter Interior diameter: Φ10 +2/-0 mm, Exterior diameter: &Phi27mm or less
Thickness 1 Ply: 60 to 85mµ
Copy paer: 50 to 200mµ (Total thickness) The total thickness that can be cut is from 50 to 140µm)
Ink ribbon
cartridge (*3)
Method Special ink ribbon cartridge
Colors Single color (Black) or 2 colors (Red and Black)
Life time Black: Approx. 3 million characters
Red and Black: Red ... Approx. 0.75 million characters
Black ... 1.5 million characters
Interface Serial (RS-232C), Parallel (IEEE128), USB
Emulation ESC/POS (Page mode), CBM mode, STAR mode
Buffer size Receiving buffer: 4k bytes/40 bytes, NV bit image: 128k, User NV memory: 8k
Cash drawer kick-out Supports a drawer
Supply voltageAC adapter
(Type A)
Input: DC24V, 1.0A
Buit-in AC adpter
(type S)
Input: AC 100 to 240V, 0.55A to 0.35A, 50/60 Hz, Power conpumptiont:22W%
Outside dimensions 156 (W) × 247.7 (D) × 132 (H)mm (Type A)m
Weight Approx.2.2 kg (Type A) Approx.2.3 kg (Type A)
Operating temperature and humidity 0 to 50°C, 10 to 90% RH (No condensation)
Storage temperature and humidity -20 to 70°C, 5 to 90% RH (No condensation)
ReliabilityPritner MCBF 7.5 million liness
Printer head 150 million characters
Auto cutter 1 million cuts
Safety standards UL, C-UL, FCC classA, TÜV-GS, CE marking, CCC


  • High-speed, two-color printing at approx.5.0 lines/sec.
  • Logic-seeking control
  • Drop-in paper loading
  • Selectable paper width
  • One, two, or three ply receipts
  • Built-in programmable buzzer
  • ESC/POS, CBM, or STAR emulation
  • Built-in NV Memory
  • User-installable interface cards
  • Cash drawer kick-out
  • Auto Cutter (Optionnal)
  • Black mark sensor (Optionnal)

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